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Director and Officer Liability

LLF's attorneys have long represented corporate directors and officers who have been accused of or been involved with misconduct in the oversight or management of a company's business. LLF has particular expertise in the area of directors' and officers' fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, particularly under Delaware and New York law. The firm is also highly experienced in and knowledgeable of D&O insurance coverage matters, having often solved complex coverage issues and having litigated multiple declaratory judgment actions.

As a recent example of LLF's D&O liability practice, LLF represented a group of outside directors of an entertainment company whose abrupt demise spawned multiple federal and state litigations by lenders and investors against the board for the alleged breach of its fiduciary duties. LLF's attorneys have also defended officers and directors in actions alleging securities fraud, including the outside directors of Tacoma Boatbuilding Company in an action involving accusations of improper revenue recognition.


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