Manhattan District Attorney dismisses charges against LLFW client Canh Oxelson.

On March 24, 2014, the New York County Criminal Court, at the request of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, dismissed all charges that it had filed against LLFW client Canh Oxelson based on the claims of a woman he had previously dated that he had sent her harassing text messages.  LLFW Partner Andrea Likwornik Weiss quickly investigated the claims, pulling together the communications between the two and other information demonstrating Mr. Oxelson’s innocence, and presented the evidence to the District Attorney’s Office.  After reviewing the information Ms. Weiss provided, and following up with its own thorough investigation, the District Attorney swiftly decided that the charges should be dropped.  Less than seven weeks after the case was filed, the District Attorney’s Office asked the court to dismiss it “in the interest of justice,” and the court immediately granted that request.

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