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Insurance Coverage Disputes

               LLF has represented corporate and individual policyholders in a wide variety of actual or potential insurance coverage disputes under multiple kinds of insurance policies, including general commercial liability, directors and officers liability, fidelity, personal liability and property insurance. LLF also has considerable knowledge of the worldwide insurance industry generally, having for years litigated securities and related claims against Lloyd’s of London on behalf of investors in Lloyd’s syndicates. Some of the specific matters that LLF has handled include these:

  • LLF brought a declaratory judgment action in the federal district court in Connecticut on behalf of a policyholder against a general liability insurer that had disclaimed coverage of a lawsuit against the policyholder, asserting that it had been given late notice of the claim and that the litigation arose from a “business pursuit” within the meaning of the policy.
  • LLF brought an action on behalf of a policyholder against a life insurance company and its agent for reformation of a “vanishing premium” policy that the policyholder had been induced to buy based on misrepresentations regarding the vesting period and other features of the policy.

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