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Contract and Other General Commercial Disputes

               In addition to the foregoing substantive areas, LLF has considerable experience with numerous other types of commercial matters. Those matters include accountants’ liability, business fraud, broker-dealer disputes, employment discrimination, business valuation disputes, health care, antitrust, and due process and related constitutional infringements arising in a commercial context.

               Pervading LLF’s entire litigation practice, moreover, are general breach of contract disputes, which overlap with practically every substantive area of the firm’s practice and which the firm routinely handles in state and federal courts and arbitral forums. LLF has litigated and acquired extensive knowledge of all aspects of the law of contracts, particularly in New York, including issues relating to contract formation; performance and nonperformance under a contract; the rights of third-party beneficiaries of a contract; damages, injunctive relief and other remedies for a contractual breach; and the quasi-contractual remedies of quantum meruit and restitution.

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