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About the Firm

               Levi Lubarsky & Feigenbaum LLP is a New York law firm devoted predominantly to the litigation of commercial disputes. The firm does not confine itself to any one substantive area of law, but instead has an eclectic practice with expertise in such wide-ranging areas as banking, securities, bankruptcy, insurance, real estate, construction, ERISA, accountants’ liability and general contract disputes. LLF has an active trial and appellate practice, appearing regularly in the federal and state courts of New York and, by association with local counsel, elsewhere in the country. It also appears frequently in arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution forums. Although the core of its practice is litigation and dispute resolution generally, LLF also provides transactional services in the areas of corporate, real estate and entertainment law.

               The breadth of LLF’s practice reflects the diversity of its clientele. LLF represents a wide range of institutions and high net worth individuals. Among our clients include international banking and financial institutions, real estate developers, ERISA trust funds, commercial property owners and managers, architectural firms, manufacturers, residential cooperative corporations, film producers and others involved in entertainment and media projects.

               A key to LLF’s success, and one of the premises on which the firm was founded, is that high-quality, sophisticated commercial litigation services need not come with an excessive price tag. As a younger and smaller firm, founded in 1994, we keep our hourly rates substantially below those elsewhere in the market and staff cases as leanly and efficiently as possible. We approach each matter with the needs and objectives of the client firmly in mind and accordingly maintain constant communication with the client throughout the course of a matter. We have an in-depth understanding of alternative dispute resolution options, to which we frequently resort to achieve an economical and flexible resolution of particular disputes. And we often devise creative alternative billing arrangements so as to ensure that a client’s legal costs do not spiral out of control or become disproportionate to the amount at stake in a given matter. Among the variety of such arrangements we will consider in appropriate cases are partial contingencies, flat fees, blended rates, task-based billing, and the like.

               At the same time, LLF is committed to practicing law at the highest levels of competence, professionalism and integrity. Our standards are as high as those of the large firms because those firms are, in fact, where most of our lawyers come from. Each partner and of counsel at LLF previously practiced at a major New York firm, and one of counsel also had a distinguished career at the United States Attorneys’ Office in New York. As a commitment to the firm’s professionalism, LLF’s partners play a hands-on role in every case, zealously responding to a client’s needs and striving constantly to finding creative, flexible and cost-effective ways to approach issues.

               At LLF, we believe that clients will continue to search for ways to contain legal costs while at the same time obtaining the highest-quality services. The selection of counsel should be guided less by the size or age of a firm and more by its ability to provide responsive, imaginative and exceptional litigation services at reasonable rates. For all but the largest disputes requiring the resources of a major national firm, LLF is a logical choice for litigation and other dispute resolution services.


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